The flexible packaging industry is continuously working to increase productivity on the shop floor level. We support this line tesa Softprint® FE-X, combined with new FLEX Product Design for maximized efficiency.
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Component Mounting

tesa provide wide range of double sided adhesive masking and mounting tapes for components, touchpads, meshes, rubber foots of electronic devices.
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Building Supply

Building sign


Producing signs, which have to withstand demanding indoor and outdoor conditions of many years, requires expertise and high-quality products. tesa offers both: tesa tapes provide a secure bond, as well as reliable, long-term sealing. tesa offers numerous tape solutions for the signage industry. Applications are panel and letter mounting, general assembly or LED mounting.
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Automotive Solutions

Hole Covering

tesa tape die cuts are designed to fulfill all requirements of high quality hole covering in a very economical way. Maximum reliability and efficiency.
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